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Baccharis sagittalis 50 seeds Chile
Baccharis sagittalis 50 seedsThis curios plant from Chile loves water. The flowers are borne right u..
Stock: 14
Belamcanda chinensis 10 seeds
Belamcanda chinensis 10 seeds "Blackberry lily" Category: Perennials Height: 24..
Stock: 7
Callicarpa Americana 10 seeds
Callicarpa Americana 10 seeds "American beautyberry"A North American native, the Beautyberry plant i..
Stock: 3
Gladiolus leptosiphon 15 seeds_SA bulb
Gladiolus leptosiphon 15 seeds    South African bulb, grows to 40cm high. ..
Stock: 9
Gladiolus mostertiae 15 seeds_SA bulb
Gladiolus mostertiae 15 seeds   South African bulb, grows to 30cm high, linear ..
Stock: 3
Hermannia filifolia var grandicalyx 15 seeds
Hermannia filifolia var grandicalyx 15 seeds "SA shrub"Hermannia is a genus of small shrubs, ranging..
Stock: 3
Nigella orientalis 25 seeds
Nigella orientalis 25 seeds "Transformer"A bushy annual, growing to around 45 cm in heigh and 30 cm ..
Stock: 3
Pieris japonica 25+ seeds
Pieris japonica 25+ seeds "Japanese Andromeda"Japanese pieris is a rounded and compact evergreen sh..
Stock: 4
Staberoha aemula 15 seeds
Staberoha aemula 15 seeds 50cm erect grass, very attractive male flower heads. Sow autum..
Stock: 5
Tacca Chantrieri 10 Seeds
Tacca Chantrieri is part of the Taccaceae family, and native to South East Asia. It is also names..
Stock: 15
Vigna Caracalla 10 seeds "Snail vine"
Vigna Caracalla? 10 seeds "Snail Vine" Vigna Caracalla or better known as Corkscrew V..
Stock: 9

I love gathering rare or endangered plants. often that means I have to start from seed as the plants themselves are unobtainable, impossible to import or extremly costly. As my rare plants mature, I offer some of their seed alongside seed of what I could buy.