South African seeds

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ABRUS precatorius 15 seeds
ABRUS precatorius 15 seeds "Coral Bead Vine"Tropical vine to 12' with dainty pinnate leaves which ar..
Stock: 4
Acacia ataxacantha 15 seeds
Acacia ataxacantha 15 seeds "Flamethorn"The flame thorn is a common, widespread tree occurring in su..
Stock: 4
Acacia davyi 15 seeds "Cork thorn"
Acacia davyi 15 seeds  "Cork thorn" 2-5m evergreen shrub/tree, white straight thor..
Stock: 6
Acacia erioloba 15 seeds "Camelthorn"
Acacia erioloba 15 seeds "Camelthorn" The beautiful, slow-growing camel thorn grows wel..
Stock: 6
Acacia gerrardii 15 seeds
Acacia gerrardii 15 seeds "Red thorn"Deciduous tree that grows fast to 14m. Taproot. Can be used for..
Stock: 6
Acacia rehmanniana 15 seeds
Acacia rehmanniana 15 seeds "Silky thorn"5m deciduous tree, flat crown, dark leaves on orange-brown ..
Stock: 5
Acacia sieberiana var. woodii 15 seeds "Paperbark thorn"
Acacia sieberiana var. woodii 15 seeds "Paperbark thorn" Pure stands of these beautiful..
Stock: 18
Agapanthus caulescens 15 seeds
Agapanthus caulescens 15 seedsGrows 25-60cm high, broad soft bright green glossy leaves, large genti..
Stock: 4
Albizia antunesiana 15 seeds "Purple leaved albizia"
Albizia antunesiana 15 seeds "Purple-leaved albizia" South African tree, grows to 15m..
Stock: 6
Albizia forbesii 10 seeds
Albizia forbesii 10 seeds"Broad-pod albizia"Grows to 20m tree with drooping branches, creamy-white f..
Stock: 9
Albuca clanwilliamigloria 15 seeds
Albuca clanwilliamigloria 15 seeds Grows 90-150cm, very tall, golden-yellow long-lasting fl..
Stock: 3
Albuca longbracteata 15 seeds_SA bulb
Albuca longbracteata 15 seeds South African bulb. Grows 1m high. Summer growing, evergree..
Stock: 4
Albuca secunda 15 seeds_SA bulb
Albuca secunda 15 seeds South African bulb, grows 35cm high, attractive flowers yellow w..
Stock: 4
Albuca shawii 15 seeds “SA bulb”(R)
Albuca shawii 15 seedsLiquorice scented leaves, strongly scented yellow flowers. Sow spring. Zone 7...
Stock: 4
Albuca unifolia 15 seeds_SA bulb
Albuca unifolia 15 seeds South African bulb. Grows 6cm high, leaf dry at flowering, flow..
Stock: 2

These seed are reflected in other categories also, but this is a quick way to see what's on offer right out of South Africa.